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Wednesday March 24th

Opening Welcome &  Opening Keynote

9:30-11:00 AM

Sankofa Conference Committee (Paul Lopez and Dr. grace jun)

Dr. Rob Rubalcaba

Dr. Erin Charlens

Dr. Stan Rodriguez

Dr. Ricky Shabazz

Willie Perdomo

The Poet's Dream Space

Rios, Head shot - Annie Rios.JPG

11:10-12:35 PM

Session A

Annie Rios, Esq., Uprise Theater

Re-Envisioning the Law for Social Justice


Reclaiming Our Stories Book Release Reading

Dr. Carol - Carol Lynn Curchoe.jpg
Leroy looking so smooth - Krip-Hop Natio

12:45-2:10 PM

Session A

Carol Lynn Curchoe Burton, ART Compass, a Fertility Guidance Technology 

The Thin Pink Line: Regulating Reproduction

Session B

Leroy Moore, Krip-Hop Nation (co-sponsored by the Diversity Committee)

Black Disability in Resistance and Creating: Storytelling & Moore

2:20-3:45 PM

Session A

Kelsey Daniels, Jenn Frost Moreno, Rudy Fabunan, Christina Griffin

We All We Got San Diego Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid - Solidarity not charity

Session B

Veterans Panel

Deported Veterans: Honor Denied

VAMP .png

7:00-9:00 PM

Evening Session

VAMP (Visual /Audio Monologue Performance)

is a student storytelling showcase produced by San Diego City College’s City Voices and So Say We All, a community arts organization. 


Thursday March 25th


   Welcome & Keynote

9:35-11:00 AM

Yusef "Bunchy" Shakur

My Life After Incarceration: Resisting the Intersectionality of Poverty, Neighborhood Displacement, and Incarceration of Black and Brown Bodies.

11:10-12:35 PM

Session A

Dr. Vicki Alexander, President of Healthy Black Families

Suzette Chaumette, MPH

Cubans Do It Right! Lowest Infant and Maternal Deaths in the World! (The world thanks Cuba for its support during COVID-19.)

Session B

Social Justice and the Arts Panel (in conjunction with World Cultures)

Can the Arts Create Social Change?

Panelists: AJ Bermuda (Writer and Filmmaker), Anna Delgado (Assistant Professor, Fine Art, San Diego City College), Zaquia Mahler Salinas (Dancer and Choreographer, San Diego City College alumna), Kate Neff Stone (Assistant Professor, Dramatic Arts, San Diego City College), George Varga (Music Critic, San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego City College alumnus)


12:45-2:10 PM

Session A

Dr. Shamell Bell, Sharlia Lebreton-Gulley Paz, Bernard Brown 

Street Dance Activism

Collective Freedom Dreaming with Street Dance Activism

Session B

Laila Aziz, Pillars of the Community

Policing, Policy, and Mass Incarceration

Cruz and Forman (1).png

2:20-3:45 PM

Session A

Mitchelle Woodson, Esq Think Dignity

The Perpetuation of Poverty Through the Criminal Justice System

Session B

Fonna Forman and Teddy Cruz, UC San Diego (sponsored by PATH) 

Unwalling Citizenship