Tuesday March 19th

7:00PM-9:30PM She Was Warned

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Wednesday March 20th

Opening Keynote


Saville Theatre: Yosimar Reyes and the "We Have Never Needed Documents to Thrive" 

Breakout Session 1: 11:10am-12:35pm

MS 462 Session A: Indigenous Migration and Indigenous Rights

Luis Resendiz

MS 163 Session B:  A youth led critical examination at the intersection of housing instability and health

Amanda Farr and Research Team Action of Health

MS 462 Session C: Epistemic Justice

Student Led Session

Break Out Session 2: 12:45-2:15PM

Lunch Event

MS 140: Surviving Zombification: Aliteracy Critique of Capitalism's Affect on the Hip Hop Phenomenon

Kiedra Taylor

Breakout Session 3: 2:30-3:45

MS162 Session A: In Defense of the Orthodoxy: Who We Are and Why Some People Have a Problem With It. 

Dr. Joseph Graves

MS 140 Session B: Math Hip Hop and Dance

Dr. Rob Rubalcaba and Dr. Grace Jun

Evening Program: 7:00pm–9:00pm


Location: Saville Theatre

VAMP (Visual /Audio Monologue Performance) is a student storytelling

showcase produced by San Diego City College’s City Voices and So Say

We All, a community arts organization. At VAMP, 8 students tell their

true stories with visual accompaniment in response to the theme

“Bridges” in front of a live audience.

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Thursday, March 21st


Saville Theatre 8:00-9:35am Ana Castillo "The Legalities of Being" 

Breakout Session 1: 9:35-11:00

MS 462 Session A: The Caravan and Coloniality of the US/Mexico Border

Dr. Hernandez

MS 162  Session B: Social Justice and Higher Education

Student Panel


MS 140 Session C : Labor and the Movement for Social Justice

AFT, UDW, Building Trades, IBEW 465

Breakout Session 2: 11:10-12:35

MS 462: The 72 Shelter Immigration Justice

MS 162: Time Done Collateral Consequences of Incarceration 

Jay Jordan

MS 140: The Criminalization of the Homeless

Mitchelle Woodson, Esq Think Dignity 

MS 123: Poets Breaking Bread: Innovative Poetries

Sara Borjas and Joseph Rios

Breakout Session 3: 12:45-2:15

MS 140 Session A: Black Child in America

Danielle Blevins

MS 162 Session B: Decolonizing Feminism & Community

Dr. Carmen Carino 

Session 4: 2:30-3:45

MS 162: Climatic Clandestinos: The Geographies of Climate Migrants

Dr. Sam Cortez

Evening Program: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Saville Theatre: Fundraiser for La72 Shelter-Dignity Across Borders

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