We Are Not Here To Be


Wednesday, March 23


9:35-11 AM

Keynote: Linda Sarsour

We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders


11:10-12:35 PM

3B Collective

Street Art as Social Justice


11:10-12:35 PM 

Cuauhtémoc Peranda

Making Space and Giving Love Through Vogue Archives

12:45-2:10 PM

Pillars of the Community

Gang Documentation and Enhancements


12:45-2:10 PM

Black Deported Veterans

Blackout: The Story of the Black Deported Veteran

From 1996 to the present, veterans of the military have been getting deported at an alarming and unprecedented rate.  Although ALL immigrant servicemen and women are provided with a pathway to citizenship because of their enlistment, our government and military leadership haven't insured that this avenue was executed. The Deported Veteran story has mostly been cast as a Latin saga.  This is the story of a group that most don't think about...the Black Deported Veterans. From Europe; to Africa; to the Caribbean; and through Central America this story, their story...comes to you.


2:20-3:45 PM

Dr. Lila Sharif

What’s In a Tree? Palestine, Ethnic Studies and the Global Struggle for Freedom



Thursday, March 24


9:35-11 AM

KEYNOTE: Celeste Smith 

Do Some Shit


Pulling from the lived experiences of those intimately involved in the movement, this panel examines how you can authentically engage in activism. What makes one an activist? What are the entry points? What even is authentic engagement?  As we look forward, what is the future of activism? What does a future in which communities determine their own narratives and have their needs met look like? What should we do to get there? The discussion at this panel will bear on what actions the community should take in the present and how we might organize ourselves in accord with our vision. 


11:10-12:35 PM

Dr. Sara Johnson

The Enduring Promise of the Haitian Revolution and Revolutionary Solidarity


11:10-12:35 PM

Ajani Brown, Dr. LaWanna Richmond, Antoinette Van Sluytman



12:45-2:10 PM

Dr. Stan Rodriguez



12:45-2:10 PM

Tekara Gainey, Nyisha Green Washington, Laura Jimenez,

Reproductive Justice

2:20-3:45 PM

Kendrick Dial & Brisa Lauren

Defining Your Narrative Through Lyricism 


Performing arts has been used time and time again as an accessory to the social justice movement, but when we listen closely to the lyrics, music more times than not has been anchor to the movement. In this session, we will demonstrate the power of music and show how lyrics can be used to tell your truth and define your narrative. Turning your experience into art.

2:20-3:45 PM

Celeste Clerk, Cheryl Coney, Ethan van Thillo, Matthew Vasilakis

Social Justice Careers in the Humanities